Typhoon closing down Chinese ports

Shanghai and Ningbo suspend traffic

13. septembarip

On 13th September, a typhoon has hit the eastern coast of Zhejiang. The area is a major shipping hub; including Shanghai and Ningbo, two of the world's top five container ports. 

At this moment, all LEMAN staff has been sent home and will work from home as much as possible.

We expect that all transportation and shipping in and out of Shanghai and Ningbo will face heavy delays due to flooding, as well as port and airport shutdowns.

Any questions?
You are always welcome to contact your personal LEMAN representative to learn more about the situation and alternative logistics solutions.


Read more:
https://www.reuters.com/world/china/shanghai-suspends-schools-flights-typhoon-approaches-mainland-china-2021-09-13/ (source: Reuters)