LEMAN expands its express business to Iceland

1. februaarip

We are now announcing the expansion of our express service LEMAN Express to Iceland.

Opening today, on the 1st of February, the expansion marks a significant step as Iceland becomes the seventh country to join the LEMAN Express network.

The expansion to Iceland opens up a number of new business horizons for LEMAN and our customers, because with the expansion, LEMAN Express aims to offer improved services to existing customers and at the same time penetrate new markets and customer groups in Iceland.

LEMAN opened on Iceland in January 2023, and from our Icelandic LEMAN director, it is gratifying that LEMAN's customers in Iceland will now have even better opportunities with the opening of LEMAN Express:

"With Iceland as part of our network, LEMAN Express extends its coverage over a wider landscape and ensures improved service coverage and efficiency for our many customers. The expansion underlines LEMAN's desire to provide fast and reliable express services globally," says Karl Óðinn Guðmundsson, Managing Director, LEMAN Iceland, and continues:

"The decision to expand to Iceland is a logical next step in the success of LEMAN Express and it strengthens our customers' ability to reach faster and more widely with deliveries of their goods, which will strengthen their businesses. It is a big step for us, and we look forward to working with new partners here in Iceland."

We have, by the way, further growth and expansion plans for LEMAN Express, which will be pursued in the coming time.