LEMAN deploys the first air-bridge between China and the Nordics to battle COVID-19

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Regular departures with full cargo capacity

LEMAN’s air-bridge connecting China to the Nordics helps provide the European health care workers with vital personal protective equipment in the battle against COVID-19. The flights arrive in a steady stream in Sweden and Denmark carrying tons of face masks, hand sanitizers and the like. All planes are so called full charters, meaning that we have the full capacity at our disposal. Not only the cargo hold is in use – the cargo is also stored in the cabin on the airplane seats to leverage as much space as possible.  

The much-needed equipment is being distributed to the healthcare personnel in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom via LEMAN’s hubs in Europe.

“During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that we keep the supply chains flowing to secure vital necessities, and I am very happy that we can support our frontline heroes with tons of protective equipment on an ongoing basis. I am also extremely proud of my colleagues and our partners who are all the reason that this operation is a success. It certainly shows what we can achieve, when we all pull together,” says Kenneth Werther, Air and Sea Director at LEMAN Group.

The air-bridge flights currently depart from several, strategically chosen airports in China, and it is also possible to get other supplies than medical equipment shipped. The air-bridge between China and the Nordics is operational for the next period of time, and we are also looking into creating another air-bridge from China to the USA.

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To hear more about LEMAN’s air-bridge and your possibilities of ensuring capacity on the next flight, please contact Rikke Thomsen or Kenneth Werther, who will be more than happy to assist you with your shipments from Asia in a fast, secure and efficient manner.

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