Important update on the situation in China

Due to the epidemic in Shanghai, city government announced a full lockdown

29. marsip

We have been notified due to the epidemic in Shanghai, city government last tonight announced a full lockdown will be imposed on Shanghai's Pudong (from today to 1st of April) and Puxi (from April 2 to Aprtil 5) in turn for a new round of citywide nucleic acid testing from Monday morning. Thereafter (after 5th of April) no one can predict any government policy at this moment.

During the lockdown, all residential communities will be closed.

All residents are required to stay at home. People and vehicles will only be allowed to enter but not exit the neighborhoods.

Public transport including buses, subways, ferries, and taxis will also be completely suspended during the lockdown. Only special vehicles, such as those for pandemic prevention or ambulances, will be allowed on local roads in locked-down areas.

Because of the above emergency notification all CFS (consolidation warehouses have been closed in Pudong) are closed until further notice as per dates mentioned above.

All CFS warehouses used are in Pudong. 
All trucking in and out of Pudong, Shanghai is stopped. 
Puxi trucking will stop when the next lock down starts.

We are contacting shippers suggesting to redirect shipments via Ningbo instead of via Shanghai.

Pudong airport offices and the warehouses have ceased to operate with immediate effect.

The inland truck in and out of PVG are all locked down as well.
The terminals in PVG are still functional but with restricted manpower.
Carriers are expected to cancel flights due to the no show of the goods.

We are looking for alternative options out of Ningbo, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Qingdao. 

As conclusion, it is very challenging for the airfreight & ocean to move out of Shanghai this week. 

We keep monitoring the situation and will keep you posted.